The time I had a kitty

"Sleeping with him last night was so amazing!"

Such were the words of my roommate regarding a certain male guest that will be staying with us for the rest of the summer. Of course, she was referring to Toro, the lovely and adorable and perfect and fuzzy and playful and adventurous little cat (jeez, what were you thinking?) that we are babysitting for a friend.

Now, Toro is no ordinary cat. It is true that he will chase a laser around the room and swat at anything on a string just as much as the next kitty, but he also seems to be quite the scholar:

Deep in thought beside my Modern Physics textbook, he is no doubt musing over the paradox of Schrodinger's cat. However, Toro does not just have brains -- he's got athleticism too. After an epic chase around the apartment, Toro pounced on the zombie fly (I call it a zombie fly because it simply refuses to die) that has been plaguing our place for quite some time. Wielding a dangerous moose pillow pet, Dennis then finished off the wounded insect with a loud thwack. The partners in crime are now best friends:

After just one day, Toro has already become king of our little one bedroom, one kitchen, one bathroom jungle. And here he sits on his throne:

I am in love with this little ball of fur. Am I being crazy? Have I used the L word too soon?? Oh god, and he's sleeping with my roommate!! 

Just kidding. I do love Toro very much, but before I end this post I'd like to make a shout out to my beloved doggy back home. No other fuzzy creature, no matter how cute and irresistible, will ever take your place in my heart, Floppy. Let's Skype again sometime soon!

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