I believe the world is burning to the ground

It's so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that while I was happily hanging out with my friends last night, innocent people who just wanted to have a nice night at the movies were dying in a mass shooting. Teenagers saw their friends with blood on their shirts, couples on dates ran screaming from the theater, and a 6 year old child was shot. What was the shooter trying to prove?

Once upon a time...

when I was but a wee little girl, I decided to start a blog. You see, I was a blossoming young poet who wanted to share her rhymes of woe to the big bad world and gain fame and fortune from the tear drenched words in which I described with great detail how my ten year old heart was broken from unrequited love. Alas, my mother gave me a long lecture on the dangers of the internet and how a naive little girl such as myself could easily be manipulated by some evil cyberstalker. Although I obstinately denied this insult to my maturity and proudly declared that I used a fake name on my profile, my brand new poetry blog was no longer in existence by the next morning.

A few years ago, I once again decided in a moment of great inspiration that I wanted to start a blog. I did, in fact, successfully maintain this blog for several years, but after a while, its introspective and philosophical nature made it tiresome to write on. I hated that I couldn't make a post unless it had some deep moral behind it...or maybe I just became more shallow and ran out of things to say. In any case, while I sat on my bed feeling fat for not working out today, I thought I'd take a shot at making a brand new blog, one with a name so terribly not philosophical that I could feel free to write about everything and anything I please. As for why I chose this specific name...well, I've been told that I tell the worst stories. I think I have a habit of giving too many details and getting far too excited about things that other people don't care about in the slightest. And since I do not want to prove that this disability of mine is true and prevent you from ever visiting this blog again, I will promptly stop my rambling here and go make myself some dinner.