The Things They Tell Me

People always tell me that I am naive. They tell me that we live in a dangerous place, that I won’t survive by always doing the right thing. They tell me that the world is full of liars, and that often times, it is the liars who win. They tell me that people are selfish, that behind nice deeds are always ulterior motives. They tell me that I am too innocent. They tell me that they know better.

Sometimes, I believe them. I am too trusting, and so it is easy to let them convince me that I am too trusting.

But I am telling you right now – don’t believe them. Don’t let the world take away your innocence. Don’t let it harden you. Don’t let bitterness or anger make you forget what kindness is. Don’t let stress and worry become your whole life. Don’t let experience diminish your curiosity. Just don’t become one of them.