Here's to Halestorm, here's to love

As much as I like writing and as much as I like concerts, I’ve never written a concert review before — because honestly, I’ve never been so moved by one that I felt the need to write about it. But last night’s Halestorm show at Starland Ballroom, the same venue at which I watched my very first concert? Well, let’s just say that I’m not surprised they sold out the first day tickets went on sale.

First, a brief word about the openers, The Dead Deads and New Medicine. While I didn’t entirely love The Dead Deads’s music, I was pleasantly drawn to their character: a couple of girls from Nashville, Tennessee who formed a rock/metal/punk band with X’s drawn over their eyes, a necklace of lights on the lead singer, and a surprisingly not-out-of-place daisy in one guitarist’s hair. It was all very unexpected, and yet they were fresh, so it was nice, you know? Next up was New Medicine. They came on strong, and finished stronger. If I wasn’t saving up my cash to buy a Halestorm t-shirt at the end of the show, I probably would have bought one of their CDs (and then used that as an excuse to take a picture with the sexy-in-a-humble-way guitarist who is now my new phone background, which is not creepy in any way). One of the best parts of their show was when they played “Race You To The Bottom” and actually brought out two cups of beer and, well, raced each other to the bottom. Props!