How To Say Goodbye

Goodbyes suck – I know. There is nothing that hurts more than letting go of someone who everything reminds you of, someone who became a part of your own identity, someone you built your life around. In a world where everything is always changing so quickly, it’s scary to lose the one thing you thought was your constant. But sometimes, change is good. Without it, we’d be stuck in the same skin, stay the same person, for our whole lives. A goodbye may feel like a closed door, like an ending – but it’s not. A goodbye is just one of many, many changes that we’ll come by in life…changes that are as inevitable as living itself. 


  1. did something happen to toro o.o

  2. haha tony is that you? nooo this post isn't about toro, although unfortunately we did have to find someone else to babysit him :,(