I'm kind of just talking to myself

So the other day I decided to sit down and relax under one of the big, shady trees on the grassy slope that I pass everyday on my walk back from the lab to my dorm. I've always wanted to just sit outside, alone, and ponder to myself, converse with the wind, maybe write a little. It seemed like such a romantic experience, like a beautiful little glimpse of what living in heaven would be like. It wasn't.

The ants that suddenly appeared after I had so carefully selected the best spot to sit were so abundant that it seemed as if the ground around me had literally come alive. Those damn little ants were even bold enough to venture onto my jeans! A tiny bug crawled onto the keyboard of my laptop, and I'm pretty sure it disappeared somewhere between the keys "d" and "f." Winged creatures of which species I have never seen before and hope to never see again flew so close to my face that I made direct eye contact with them. And then, out of the blue, it started to rain! (Literally out of the blue - rain just started falling out of a cloudless sky.) Within a matter of minutes, I had gathered my things and run back home.

But such is life, right? You build up these dreams in your head and too often, reality disappoints you. I suppose the opposite occurs in the form of pleasant surprises with equal frequency, but that's another thing about life - we complain about the bad stuff and take the good for granted.

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