All the things I could have been

The first dimension is a point,
and the second is a line.
The third is the world we live in,
and the fourth, I'm told, is time.

The fifth can see a future,
but the sixth sees more than one.
Out of the infinite possibilities,
which 'me' will I become?

The seventh is parallel universes,
and the eighth is all their tomorrows. 
I wonder if there is another me
with her own happiness and sorrows.

The ninth takes every possible path
of every universe -- but then --
all of this becomes a single point
when we get to dimension ten.

But these dimensions are worrisome
because they offer too much possibility.
What are the chances that the path I take
will be the right path for me?

*Credit to Eric Chi for showing me the video, Imagining the Tenth Dimension, many years ago. It's pretty cool, you should check it out:

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