I love you brew

Pale Lager.
A light touch and a light taste. Toes barely brushing, toes brushing accidentally, toes brushing beneath the sand. A yellow sun dress. Kisses as brief as an ocean spray, as hesitant as your very first time. A yawning sun, stretching its rays as it tries to stay awake. You watch as fingers strum a guitar — you envy those guitar strings. The rising tide pushes you back, conveniently urging you to go inside. Gasps in a moon-lit room. Maybe you’ve had one too many Corona’s, but then again, maybe you’ve had just the right amount.

Dark Lager. Hockey at a sports bar. A stranger’s voice startling you as a whisper reaches your ear. “You’re beautiful,” says the voice. Lies, you think, as you arrange your face into a look of disgust, but you’re secretly glowing on the inside. Better keep sipping that Yuengling and keep your eyes on the game.

Brown Ale. An unexpected afterthought. You hate being an afterthought.

Stout. Black coffee the morning after another lonely night. The company of Bach’s Cello Suites, your notebook, and whatever pen is within closest reach. A desire for warmth from another being. Consolation by warmth from a lively fireplace whose spits and crackles you begin to mistaken as conversation. Microwaved leftovers. A phone call that goes straight to voicemail.

Pilsner. The distinctly familiar smell of cologne that hits you as you open the passenger seat door. The first time you opened it, and the last time you closed it. An almost-always-empty gas tank that really kept you on your toes. A past you wish you could fix in a way that won’t alter the present. A past that Warsteiner really helps you forget. (You like cheap and bitter beer because you’ve become a cheap and bitter person.)

Wheat beer. One bottle of Asahi, two people to share it between, three moles that you trace idly as you marvel at their resemblance to Orion’s Belt. “Don’t fall asleep, it’s our last night together.” You always thought that falling in love happened quickly, suddenly, and all at once — but this time, you think you could fall forever. 

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